I’ve been feeling broken, a little bit of a mess.

All those words you’ve spoken

Are like bullets through my head.

You see,

I lost myself around you,

Couldn’t find my own way out.

I scrambled for the surface,

But you only pushed me down.

You broke me just to mold me

Your little porcelain doll.

I suffocated under,

I lost my ray of light,

Beaten up and broken

I found the strength to fight.

I broke away,

I fought for me.

I said goodbye to you,

I left my family.

But everything I left behind,

I’ve found along the way

In new ways unimagined,

I’ve seen the light of day.

The shadows are still daunting,

They prey on me when weak.

But the pain that you have caused me

Ignites a flame in me.

I lost myself around you,

I found my own way out,

I scrambled to the surface,

And I didn’t push you down.

Just next time that you think of me,

And wonder what went wrong, remember that

I am.

You are.

We are different.

I cried.

I hurt.

You were


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