Vino Fino – Episode 1 (Police Brutality, Aliens, BLM, 2020)

So excited to have completed my very first podcast! I’ve been planning on it for what seems ages, I was just never really in the right state of mind to speak and say what I wanted to say; was too in my head. Enjoy some wine with me and let’s chat about the world, contemplate conspiracies, discuss important social issues on a more in depth level, etc. I’m a writer, always have always will be, but I wanted a second outlet where my stream of consciousness could just roam free and I could just spill it all out without having to see it on paper. Let’s try it out, welcome to Vino Fino, a fine glass of wine for the evening. XX

In the first episode I introduce you to some of the topics I’ve come across during these long quarantine months, including spirituality, aliens, and other conspiracies; I also share a story of a scary experience with police that could have gone completely wrong. Very reflective of the times we live in.

Published by Xavier Alexis

I write simply for the rush. There are times where I just type away not necessarily knowing where I am headed, but I write and pour out my emotions in hopes of being able to move on with whatever it is that holds me back. Some posts are just for fun or for the sake of sharing, but you can always expect a genuine conversation from my part. Each and every post is a reflection of this, a desperate attempt of spilling what it is that haunts and daunts me and at times simply just another page on the net layered with opinionated statements that hopefully you can relate to.

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