Vino Fino – Episode 3 (PRIDE)

I must admit I held back as I did not want to overshare some personal stuff, my story and yours of course go much deeper than can be talked about in a podcast, but it’s important to me to provide an outlet for myself and a resource for those who need it. You’re never alone and it’s okay to be who you are. There is no such thing as perfection. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way regardless of who we love. HAPPY PRIDE my beautiful people! Continue reading Vino Fino – Episode 3 (PRIDE)


I’ve been feeling broken, a little bit of a mess. All those words you’ve spoken Are like bullets through my head. You see, I lost myself around you, Couldn’t find my own way out. I scrambled for the surface, But you only pushed me down. You broke me just to mold me Your little porcelain doll. … Continue reading INDIFFERENT


You. Hard to read, hard to keep up with. Something to prepare for. And I am not prepared. You whisked me off my feet, never ending heights you made me reach. Bittersweet. A bliss that makes it hard to breathe. Should I retreat? ‘Sun will rise,  sun will set.’ I tell myself. Bright and blue, … Continue reading HORIZON